Wednesday Night Shiur with Rabbi Yitzchak Hecht

Weekly, and that means WEEKLY, shiur with Rabbi Yitzchak Hecht on the parsha, holidays and dates on the Jewish calendar.

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Parshas Haazinu


In Memory of Harav Hachosid Sholom be Yehoshua, and Dina Leah bas Yibadlu Menachem Mendel Sheyichy"e The day itself on Yom Kippur forgives. The rope between the Neshama and Hakodosh Baruch Hu. Each of the 613 strands coincide with the 613 Mitzvos.Like the

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Rosh Hashana


In memory of Harav Sholom ben Yehoshua Z"L. To anoint a king. Let's not be fools and use our potential. The merit of the simple person. We may ask for all our hearts desires. The two themes of Rosh Hashana. The head controls the entire body.כתיבה וחתימה ט

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