Wednesday Night Shiur with Rabbi Yitzchak Hecht

Weekly, and that means WEEKLY, shiur with Rabbi Yitzchak Hecht on the parsha, holidays and dates on the Jewish calendar.

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Parshas Reeh


In memory of Hachosid Hatamim Harav Sholom ben Yehoshua (Shea) Z"L. Destroy the Temple! How could Hashem do it if the Torah says not to? Go out and eat a steak, but NO blood! Stay Strong. The season of spring teaches us a powerful life cycle lesson! Rejoi

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Parshas Eikev


In Memory of Harav Hachosid Sholom ben Yehoshua, In honor of the upcoming Yartziet of Sara Rivkah bas Sholom Meir Hakohen upcoming Yartziet 19 Av. What were the different lessons from the Mana? Teaching your children from when they begin to speak. Moshe g

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