Wednesday Night Shiur with Rabbi Yitzchak Hecht

Weekly, and that means WEEKLY, shiur with Rabbi Yitzchak Hecht on the parsha, holidays and dates on the Jewish calendar.

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Parshas Bereishis


In Memory of Harav Sholom ben Yehoshua z"l. Shabbos Bereishis. How long did it take for Adam Harishon to commit a sin? How is it that the creation of the Yetzer hara is "Tov Meod"? Who was Chanoch? Did Hashem finish the world on Shabbos?

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Chol Hamoed sukkos


In Memory of Harav Sholom ben R' Shea. Do you sleep in your Sukkah? Why should women shake the Lulav? The culmination of Tishrei in Sukkos. So hard to part ways, amongst yourselves. The endless joy of the water pouring.

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